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VIENNA ART WEEK 2015 Creating Common Good




Creating Common Good

16–22 November 2015


For one week in November, Vienna’s leading art institutions and galleries, exhibition spaces and artist-run spaces join together in order to celebrate art in over 200 events, ranging between contemporary experiment and the Baroque. VIENNA ART WEEK is a festival not to be missed by artists, critics, curators, collectors and art lovers from home or abroad.An international special exhibition is dedicated to this year’s motto, Creating Common Good.
Creating Common Good

The exhibition “Creating Common Good” presents 35 works by international artists, who approach the meaning of “common good” from different views and on multiple levels. “All artists and collectives involved outline new criteria and concepts for the use of public space and joint use of resources. They call out for more political activism and the empowerment of civil society, offering alternatives to the establishment and claim the right to participate in shaping society”, explain Robert Punkenhofer and Ursula Maria Probst, the curators of the exhibition, the common denominator of the participating artists.


Presented works and artists include:
Los Encargados (Those in Charge) by Jorge Galindo & Santiago Sierra (ESP). The work is based on a series of portraits of King Juan Carlos I and the six prime ministers of Spain since 1976, the last of whom curtailed the right to protest and is an expression of the people’s resentment over corrupt power systems.


Heidrun Holzfeind’s (AUT) video installation Never neverland features three independent videos of micro societies in California, Austria and Slovenia, who all present different alternatives to the West’s neoliberal lifestyle.

Signed by 50 countries as of 2015, the Antarctic Treaty stipulates that the Antarctic should only be used jointly, for peaceful and scientific purposes. As a tribute to the treaty, Lucy+Jorge Orta (FRA/GBR/ARG) undertook an Antarctic expedition in 2007 to set up the Antarctic flag and found an ephemeral village.

Ina Wudtke’s (DEU) work I AM THE LAW focuses on the effects of global real estate business on social housing.

Peter Friedl’s (AUT) drawings act as a lyrical voice that documents, subverts and comments on personal and sociopolitical (hi)stories. The term “commons” recurs in various ways in the selected works.

Other artists in the exhibition curated by Robert Punkenhofer (Artistic Director of VIENNA ART WEEK) and Ursula Maria Probst (art critic, curator and artist) include Joseph Beuys, Akram Al Halabi, Atelier Van Lieshout, Democracia, Ines Doujak, Leon Golub, Tamara Grcic, Gruppe Uno Wen, Anna Jermolaewa, Bernhard Cella, Ramesch Daha, Teresa Estapé, Folke Köbberling, Ernst Logar, Peter Friedl, Teresa Margolles, Lisl Ponger, Martha Rosler, Isa Rosenberger, Tim Sharp, Axel Stockburger, tart ort, Johanna Tinzl, transparadiso, Patricia Triki, Nasan Tur, Anna Witt, Ina Wudtke and Sislej Xhafa.

Exhibition: »Creating Common Good«
16. Nov.– 10. Jan. 2016
Opening: Mo., 16. Nov. 2015, 6pm
KUNST HAUS WIEN, Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna

Several more exhibitions in Vienna reflect on “the common good” such as “Populism” at the Kunsthalle Vienna and “Social Glitch” at the Kunstraum Niederoesterrreich.

Talk by Saskia Sassen
The renowned American sociologist and economist Saskia Sassen will give a talk in the context of Vienna Art Week. In her new book “expulsions”, Sassen examines how the global financial market and current economical structures make it possible for people to create an environment that serves their own private interests, leading to growing displacement, inequality and unemployment. Increased privatization of public spaces and goods has led to a gradual reduction of the “common good.” Citizens need to take an active part in all areas of the city, says Sassen: “It’s also about political economy: people have to feel like they are actors in their community.”

Talk by Saskia Sassen: »At the systemic edge«
Friday, 20. Nov. 2015, 6 pm
Location: KUNST HAUS WIEN, Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030 Vienna

As always, VIENNA ART WEEK presents an abundant program: Vienna’s major art institutions will be offering readings, talks, special guided tours and openings, including a Margot Pilz retrospective (MUSA), works by Vija Celmins (Secession), Baroque Baroque by Olafur Eliasson (The Winter Palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy) and the exhibition Eyes Aghast: Transmannerist Reactions (xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts). In the panel discussion From Art to Creating Common Good at the Academy of Fine Arts, eight international curators including Çelenk Bafra (İstanbul Museum), Elham Puriyamehr (freelance curator, artist, and author, Tehran) and Hajnalka Somogyi (freelance curator, Budapest) will discuss the social responsibilities of curators.

Vienna’s galleries also feature a broad spectrum of lectures, artist talks and curator-guided tours. On Open Studio Day around 100 artists will open the doors to their studios to anyone interested in art. Numerous special projects and events held at artist-run spaces provide an opportunity to discover Vienna’s many facets as a cultural city that are hidden but definitely worth seeing.

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Austrian Design Explosion at the Triennale Design Museum


Design exhibition is showcasing 120 Austrian companies and designers as part of EXPO 2015
ART&IDEA is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Austrian Design Explosion at the Triennale Design Museum on June 26th 2015 in Milan, Italy. Key examples of Austria’s design and technology landscape are presented, along with work from other related fields such as architecture, fashion, music, film and art. The selection of work on show illustrates how the ingenuity of Austrian companies, creative entrepreneurs and academics has helped to make the world a more sustainable, beautiful and better place – from the start of the industrial revolution to today’s digital age. The curator of the exhibition is Robert Punkenhofer, who has gained an international reputation with initiatives at the interface between art, design and architecture, such as Mursinsel Graz with Vito Acconci, Vienna Art Week and world fair projects in Aichi, Japan, Zaragossa, Spain and Shanghai, China.

“The exhibition concept follows three interlinking hypotheses about Austrian design: the obsession with finding technical solutions for complex everyday problems; the passion for exploring the application-related limits of extraordinary materials; and the pursuit of a strict minimalistic approach in aesthetic practice coupled with emotion or tongue-in-cheek humour,” explains Robert Punkenhofer. Work from a total of 120 Austrian companies, designers and artists will be on show. The design of the exhibition, for which Punkenhofer and architect Dieter Spath drew their inspiration from a 3D explosive drawing from the automotive industry, will allow people to experience Austrian design in the Triennale Museum with all their senses.

To name but a few examples, the exhibits include the solar-powered Wadi water disinfection device from Helioz, the KTM Freeride E 2015, voestalpine car parts made of press-hardened lightweight steel, the VELLO collapsible bike and an aircraft engine from BRP-Powertrain. Key classics like the Thonet Nr. 14 chair, an Adolf Loos glass series for Lobmeyr, creations by Helmut Lang and even the original Sachertorte are on show. The exhibition is accompanied by a special sound composition by Thomas Wagensommerer as well as an experimental film installation by Georg Eisnecker. Cutting edge experimental projects are carefully selected and presented with the same appreciation as industrial products and handcrafted objects.

The exhibition takes place as part of the EXPO World Fair Milano 2015 and is an initiative by Austria’s Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber/ Advantage Austria and Austria´s Federal Ministry of Culture.


Adolf Loos · ALPLA · ams · AND_i · Andreas H. Gratze · ANIMATE · Augarten · Austrian Institute of Technology · AWS Designteam · Backhausen · bct electronic · Bernhard Neuwirth · Blum · BRAUN Lockenhaus · breadedEscalope · BRP-Powertrain · Bruno Klomfar · Carl Suchy & Sons · Coop Himmelb(l)au · CSA Herzogenburg · Désirée Heusl · Edwina Hoerl · Georg Eisnecker · emporia · EOOS · Ernst Beranek · Ernst Dryden · FACC · formquadrat · Franz West · Frauscher · FREYWILLE · Friedrich Kiesler · Fronius International · GEBRUEDER THONET VIENNA · Georg Baldele · Gerhard Heufler · Gregor Eichinger · Günter Wett · HEAD · Helioz · Helmut Lang · HENN · Hertha Hurnaus · honey and bunny · Institute of Design Research Vienna · Internorm · Iwajla Klinke · Jacques Lemans · Johannes Scherr · Josef Hoffmann · Kabiljo Inc. · Kai Stania · KIM+HEEP · Kiska · KLH · Kniže · KTM · kunabi brother · Landtmann · Lenzing · Leonhard Palden · Lesethek Verlag · Lisa Rastl · Lithoz · Lobmeyr · Magna Steyr · MAM · Manner · mischer’traxler · Molto Luce · moºsound · Mühlbauer · Rainer Mutsch · NCR Orderman · NKE · Original Sacher-Torten Manufaktur · Otto Bock HealthCare · Ovotherm International · PANI · Paul Ott · Philipp Bruni · Philipp Haas & Soehne · Phormolog · plasmo Industrietechnik · POLKA · Porsche Design · REMUS Innovation · Riedel · RIEGL · Rosenbauer International · Rudi Gernreich · Rudolf Chlada · Schiebel · Silhouette International · Soda Designers · Philips Speech Processing Solutions · Spirit Design · spolia. · Stefan Sagmeister & Matthias Ernstberger · STM · Studio Novo · Swarovski Gemstones · SWAROVSKI OPTIK · Thomas Feichtner · Thomas Wagensommerer · Tino Valentinitsch · Trodat · Tyrolia · Valentin Vodev · VELLO bike · Victor Papanek · VIKING · VITEO · voestalpine · VOSSEN · WALKING CHAIR · Wiener Silber Manufactur · Wittmann · Wolfgang Thaler · Wolford · XAL · Zotter · Zumtobel

Exhibition Dates: June 26th – July 5th, 2015 from 10am to 23pm

Triennale Design Museum – Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano, Italy

Video Night – LOOP Festival Barcelona


As part of the exhibition Dialog 2: Status Altered the Goethe-Institut presents Video Night, included in LOOP FESTIVAL a program of works that explores the vulnerabilities and crises that occur in certain contexts and evidences the changes in representation and the relationship with the socio-political environment produced, mostly, by the technological revolution and the new global logic.

The intervention Simulacro Tropical and other works as Life of our Progressive Thinkers of Momu & No Es reflect on artificial reality. In contemporary society, it appears that representations have become more real than reality. As Baudrillard announced reality has been replaced by a hyperreality and has created a culture of simulacrum. Simulacro Tropical departs from photographs taken in different places. The sound narration that accompanies them recreates diverse realities and immerses us in the simulation of the globalised territory. The media and technology, particularly the Internet, have contributed to this new hyperreality, Life of our Progressive Thinkers pose a future time where new technologies affected humanity as we know it today.

Other works like Los Encargados by Jorge Galindo and Santiago Sierra and A Study on Social Poetics by Lucia Hinojosa reflects a more direct impact on the socio-political problems. In Los Encargados a simple gesture discredits all the presidents who have been in the Spanish State from the transition to the present and the experimental documentary A Study on Social Poetics, explores the stories of three Mexican women, showing the transformation of values ​​that rural areas have also experienced.

Dialog 2: Status Alterado


Art&Idea is pleased to announce the opening of Dialog 2: Status Alterado at the Goethe Institute Barcelona on March 12th in Carrer de Flor 224 at 7pm. The group exhibition presents works by Estel Boada (ESP), Daniel Gustav Cramer (DE), David Crespo (ESP), Teresa Estapé (ESP), Sabine Finkenauer (DE), Andrés Galeano (ESP), Tamara Grcic (DE), Martha Rosler (US) and Wilfredo Prieto (CU).

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer in collaboration with Zaida Trallero this new exhibition is the second part of a Dialogue Series that has started last October 2014 on the occasion of the reopening of the new headquarters of the Goethe Institute in Barcelona. An on-going programme of exhibitions, video screenings and panel discussions has been developed with the clear vision to foster the artistic exchange between Germany and Spain within an international context.

Dialog 2: Status Alterado presents works in different media that reflect on the dynamics of unexpected change affecting different social, political and economic spheres. The beginning of the 21st century seems to consolidate itself as one of humanity’s historical periods in which some of the biggest social transformations are taking place, mainly as a result of technological developments as well as geopolitical trends on a global stage.

If these changes could be perceived as being positive at first, the acceleration of events might cause, as Slavoj Žižek points out, a traumatic result. Within a few years, we have witnessed how basic assumptions, rules and morals on which Western societies are built upon have been questioned and altered. Our frames of reference, inherited from an industrial society, have been dismantled, provoking multiple complexities and uncertainties in most sectors of society – from public institutions to private enterprise and the role of the individual.

The works prepared for Dialog 2: Status Alterado by a cross-generational group of artists explore by means of site specific installations, video and photography various situations of vulnerability, crisis and also humour that confront the dynamics of change and it´s representation and impact within our socio-political environment.

The exhibition runs from March 13th through June 6th 2015.



Art&Idea is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition “It’s my Nature” by Swiss artist Regula Dettwiler at Mayflower in Barcelona, Travessera de Gracia 67, from December 19th  2013 through January 31st 2014.

Urban life is made by constructed and artificial elements which makes it difficult to recognize what really originates from nature. Perhaps the truly natural is that which is artificial. The main interest of the work of Regula Dettwiler is the artificial and constructed nature that surrounds us in our everyday lives. After having travelled the world collecting artificial flowers – orchids specifically – Dettwiler, just like any professional botanist would do, returns from her fieldwork and paints the series Orchids made in China applying watercolor and drawing just like Alexander von Humboldt had done 200 years earlier. One can perceive an ironic point of view towards an increasingly specialized and subdivided world as regards to the observation of nature. Orchids, originally appreciated as a rare and precious plant, have become a global phenomenon equivalent to any artificial and disposable good “made in China”.

Causing the reverse effect, in the series “Portraits” Dettwiler intervenes and manipulates natural plants with fabric lace. In her works we not only perceive irony but the extreme human capability to create the illusion of nature. By erasing the distance between the natural and the artificial, Dettwiler generates a fascinating new reality precisely because of its ingenious juxtaposition.

“Bird Karaoke” is an audio piece in which the artist, with a microphone and stereo in hand, invites her neighbors, acquaintances and even specialists to emulate the sound of birds and compose their own songs. Thus, the “real” songs and trills of birds are replaced by a set of more or less melodic whistles that again have to do with our mental constructions of the “natural” and the “wild”. The work also plays with memory and fiction, with the rituals and expectations of an urban space and its inhabitants.

The use, perception and manipulation of nature for human purposes appears again in “Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen” where the artist uses a laser cutter to imitate with the means of fallen leaves drawings of Rorschach tests, widely used to assess personality traits and the human psyche. In the words of Dettwiler: “Nature is a mirror and a protective screen of our desires and fears.”

Regula Dettwiler (* 1966) is a Swiss artist currently living in Vienna. Her work has been exhibited internationally in places such as Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, Nagoya City Arts Museum and Künstlerhaus Bremen. Currently her work can be seen at the Swiss Aargauer Kunsthaus. Please, find more details at www.reguladettwiler.com

The exhibition is a project organised by Art&Idea for Mayflower. Under the working title Art&Idea Lab @ Mayflower we plan to host an ongoing exhibition series focused on current issues of contemporary art, design and architecture within the limiting confines and context of one of the leading flower stores of Spain founded in 1923.



The Delta award of design is a renowned prize that has existed for more than 53 years that promotes conceptual novelty, sustainability and quality of manufacturing. It is given by the ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design –Promotion of the Decorative Arts – Barcelona).

Robert Punkenhofer was member of this year’s international jury composed by Johanna Agerman Ross, from Dissegno magazine; Tomás Alonso, industrial designer; Valérie Bergeron, architect and director of Materfad; Jozeph Forakis, designer from Milan and New York; Viviana Narotzky, design historian and president of ADI-FAD; and Mike Zancan, manager of Flos S.P.A.A.

The presented products are divided into five categories: products for the people, for the habitat, for work, for outdoors and for mobility. Since 2007, the prizes are international and companies and designers from all over the world can participate if their products are commercialized in the Spanish market.

All finalist products will take part on the exhibition “The best design of the year” that includes the finalists and winners and can be visited from the 26th of June to the 31st October at the Design Hub Barcelona.

The following awards were given from a selection of 47 finalists:

Golden DELTA to the lamp Headhat
 by Santa & Cole

Silver DELTA to:

Gamma Caliu barbeque, by Jordi Bahí and Jordi Güell, bahí&güell

H2O bottle by Noviembre Estudio, Wineskins Jesús Blanco

Mendori lamp by Issey Miyake, Artemide

Bench B by Konstantin Grcic, BD Barcelona Design

Bike park RIM AMB by Moisés Martínez and Mariano de Gracia (Área Metropolitana de Barcelona – AMB) and Edu Sentís (EDSE Inventiva), ESDE Inventiva S.L

Slim lights by Josep Lluscà, Fluvià Concept

Flight controller by Guido Charosky, INDRA