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Art&Idea presents its very first limited edition portfolio with new works by internationally recognised artists such as Vito Acconci, Santiago Sierra and Teresa Margolles.

This unique special edition celebrates more than ten years of ground breaking exhibitions and special projects that ART&IDEA has realised on three continents with over three hundred artists from more than thirty countries. The edition box includes signed works in different media, ranging from prints and art objects to video and audio loops as well as photography. We are very proud and thankful for the contributions of fourteen of the artists with whom we have worked over the past decade:

Uli Aigner, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Damián Ortega, Emiko Kasahara, Máximo González, Daniel Guzmán, Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Vito Acconci, Maria Serebriakova, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Rudi Molacek, Teresa Margolles, Luis Felipe Ortega and Santiago Sierra.

These artists all share a commitment to questioning artistic strategies and boundaries, and as such, they challenge not only their own work, but have also challenged ART&IDEA´s scope of programming over the past years. Works prepared for the edition investigate a wide range of topics such as design and architecture in the case of Vito Acconci, issues of female identity in the case of Eugenia Vargas and Emiko Kasahara, and politically charged concepts of Abraham Cruzvillegas and Santiago Sierra.

The works have been gathered in an edition of only thirty copies and are presented in an exclusive wooden case. This case includes thirteen different works and is only available as a complete set. It also includes the recent Hatje Cantz publication 10 Years ART&IDEA – Connecting Different Worlds, with critical essays by authors and curators such as Francisco Reyes Palma, Ruben Gallo and Heidi Zuckerman as well as a complete documentation of all past exhibitions and projects such as Mur Island, Vienna Art Week and World Fair 2005 in Japan.

The edition is being offered at a special anniversary price of 2,500 €  (excl. VAT and shipping, if applicable). All profits from the sales of the portfolio will directly support ART&IDEA’s production of further exhibitions, publications and special projects at the crossroads of art, architecture and design.

For further information or to order this portfolio, please contact us.

Download portfolio with specificities of the works


Eugenia Vargas – Horse

Máximo González – Untitled


Uli Aigner – I like it more beautiful



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