50 Centímetros


Mexico City, August 15 – September 21, 1996


Artist: Fabián Cereijido


Combining small pieces of photographs with painting, Fabián Cereijido seems to maintain a very delicate balance between abstraction and representation in 50 Centímetros. At the same time he questions this concept through the way he applies the two mediums. “When you see these works from afar they look like concise graphic compositions of rectangles and squares painted in oil”, Cereijido states. “Since the very small photos have to be seen from up close and the big, clearly composed painted part can be seen from afar you naturally go from painting to photo. But since the photos are ambiguous, the change from near to far and from photo to painting is also a change from clear to blurry. This contradicts both the notion of the-closer-the-clearer and the assumption that photography objectifies whereas painting is more subjective.”

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