ART&IDEA is a hybrid agency dedicated to promoting and facilitating a cultural dialogue by organizing contemporary art, architecture, fashion and design programs of international scope.

ART&IDEA accomplishes its mission:

– By offering highly specialised advisory services to create outstanding artistic projects in unique settings for public institutions, as well as corporate and private clients.

– By conceiving and organizing exhibitions, collections and artistic programs of all media which directly relate to the contemporary issues of an ever more interdependent global community.

– By documenting and publishing these activities so that the general accessibility and educational effect can be made available for a larger audience.

– By serving as an open forum with the help of special events such as symposia, festivals and collaborative projects with other recognized cultural organisations, public institutions and corporate partners.


Connecting different worlds
ART&IDEA is passionate about connecting different worlds, whether it means geographically or in regard to disciplines. We fluently speak the languages of art, architecture and design as well as business and politics. Our core competency is to bridge these sometimes very disparate worlds effectively and to the benefit of all parties involved.

Crossing borders
ART&IDEA feels very strong about the international scope and multicultural aspects of its assignments and networks. Founded in Mexico City and New York and headquartered in Vienna, Austria, ART&IDEA has conceived and managed projects in Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, the USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, China and Serbia, in the context of Flow – Festival of Culture and Science – reuniting some of the most beautiful minds from 10 states in the Danube region.

Achieving the impossible
ART&IDEA appreciates tough challenges, strict deadlines and tight budgets and drives on solving its customers most difficult missions, whether it is successfully executing Austria’s Expo 2005 World Fair Japan participation within only sixteen months, building an artificial island on the river Mur with Vito Acconci or opening the first private not for profit exhibition space in the historic centre of Mexico City.

We love the artists we work with
ART&IDEA follows the mind set and enjoys the dialogue with some of the most challenging artists, architects and designers that live today. We deeply respect their thinking, work and way of life and do everything to support their creative process and defend their artistic freedom.

Meaning is more than money
ART&IDEA gets excited about new ideas, visionary passions and organizational challenges. Our first thoughts are always centred around the question if we can realize a great project together – with lots of enthusiasm and the freedom to move. Only then do we talk budgets – and keep them, whether it is the production budget of less than 30 thousand euros for a special edition or more than 26 million euros for World Fair projects.



The International Advisory Board consists of up to 10 artists, art administrators, dealers, collectors and curators. They are all regarded as opinion leaders in the contemporary art world. The main purpose of the Board is to support ART&IDEA with the curatorial decision-making as well as to enhance it´s global outreach and network across national boundaries and artistic disciplines.

The following group of international art experts are currently on the Board:

– Torsten Bröhan, CEO, Broehan Design, Inc., Berlin
– Abraham Cruzvillegas, Artist, Mexico City
– Ruben Gallo, Professor, Princeton University
– Max Hollein, Director, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
– Carlo Lamagna, Professor, New York University
– Paola Morsiani, Director, Neuberger Museum of Art, New York
– Florian Schattauer, CEO, Shadowy Meadows, Inc., Johannesburg
– Heidi Zuckerman, Director and Chief Curator, Aspen Museum of Art



ART&IDEA was founded by Robert Punkenhofer in 1995 as a not for profit institution devoted to promoting and facilitating a cultural dialogue by organising contemporary arts programmes of international scope. Early partners included Toto Probst, Oliver Gierlichts and Haydee Rovirosa.

ART&IDEA has presented in its original former gallery space in Mexico City and its nomadic project spaces and curatorial offices in New York, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona and in Vienna more than 100 exhibitions on three continents featuring the work of some of the most challenging artists of our times such as Vito Acconci, Maurizio Cattelan, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Cheryl Donegan, Rainer Ganahl, Gelitin, Lucy Gunning, Roger Hiorns, Joseph Kosuth, Marko Lehanka, Jenny Marketou, Paul McCarthy, Maria Serebriakova, Javier Tellez, Joep van Lieshout and Bill Viola. Many artists such as Santiago Sierra, Damián Ortega, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Teresa Margolles (Semefo) and Daniel Guzmán had their first major one person show at ART&IDEA.

Since 2002, ART&IDEA’s mission gradually shifted from the ongoing exhibition schedule in its own nomadic gallery space to the offering of highly specialized consulting and management services for major artistic, design and architecture projects and special events with other renowned public institutions and/or corporate and private partners.

As such, ART&IDEA is responsible for the idea and curatorial development of the breath-taking Mur Island with Acconci Studio as the signature program for Graz 2003/Culture Capital of Europe as well as a special edition and publication series for the most important German weekly DIE ZEIT with artists such as Kara Walker and Do-Ho Suh. Between 2004 and 2009, Robert Punkenhofer directed and curated Austria’s official World Fair pavilion projects in Aichi/JapanZaragoza/Spain and Shanghai/China on behalf of Austria’s Ministry of Economics and Labour and the Federal Economic Chamber with major artistic interventions by Herbert Brandl, Edgar Honetschläger, Walter Niedermayr, Lucy and Jorge Orta as well as Liquid Loft.

In 2005 ART&IDEA conceived Vienna Art Week, a unique annual art festival with the participation of all major Vienna based art institutions and a high calibre program of exhibition previews, lecture series and artistic interventions for an international expert audience. With more than 100 special events, 70 programme partners and 25.000 visitors in a week, the festival grew to one of the main artistic platforms in Central Europe.

In 2008, ART&IDEA took charge of the concept and execution of Flow – Festival of Culture and Science, a moving open space for intellectuals of the Danube region, realized in Novi Sad, Serbia as a joint initiative of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Erste Bank Foundation.

In 2009, ART&IDEA conceived and curated the exhibition A Way Beyond Fashion at apexart in New York, exploring important issues raised by the industry of fashion such as the projection of identity, the research for new technology and the question of sustainability in mass consumption.

Since 2010, Robert Punkenhofer presents comprehensive surveys of current Austrian design, including site-specific interventions by leading designers and artists such as EOOS, Dejana Kabiljo, Walking Chair, Polka, as well as Chris Haring and Andreas Berger from Liquid Loft. Entitled Surprising Ingenuity – Austrian Design. The exhibitions are organised on behalf of Advantage Austria and took place at the Fabrica Galvanotecnica Bugatti in Milan’s Zona Tortona, in parallel to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the FAD Design Centre in Barcelona (2011) and at Maribor-Cultural Capital of Europe 2012.

ART&IDEA’s programs have been reviewed by many publications worldwide, such as Artforum, Art in America, ArtNews, Art Newspaper, Art Nexus, Art Press, Curare, Flash Art, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, The New York Times, Springerin, Der Standard; and television segments on ABC News, Arte, Canal 22, Canal 11, TV Azteca, 3SAT, Austrian Public TV and Radio as well as all major TV networks in Japan.