Alterado: Diego Teo

Diego Teo – Gigantes


Mexico City, July 14 – August 12, 2004

 Artist: Diego Teo

 In collaboration with ARENA Arte Contemporáneo de Guadalajara, JAL, Art&Idea presents the individual exhibition Alterado by Diego Teo. “An understanding of formal art seems to be enough to grasp the work of Diego Teo”, says Diana María González. “But is there more to it? Mobility as the movement of a previous action, lit by form. The process of making art encourages us to look for the context of an element which has been placed or altered. The link between form and occupation lies in a simple association of ideas, which gives rise to the observation, feeling and reflection of each piece of work. There is an element of playfulness in Teo’s work. When an egg becomes a yellow explosion, or chewing gum and wrappers are used to create a succulent fruit, nature is changed, but not in the plastic way of toy shops. The shadows lead you on a never-ending journey to the introspective world of toys. A toy used in leisure time allows you to contemplate both everything and nothing. Aristotle said that metaphor is to find similarities in differences, and in this case making metaphors is inventing similarities. Exploiting internal worlds through play where intellectual deconstruction leads to a new visual construction.”

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