ARCO’00: Gabriel Kuri

Gabriel Kuri – Momento de Importancia, ARCO Fair, Madrid, 2000


Madrid, February 10 – 15, 2000

Momento de Importancia, the project by the Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri presented at the international contemporary Art Fair ARCO’00, exists in the poetic space that is opened between official discourse and all things simply spontaneous or inevitable. The elements that make up this exhibition – a table with a green tablecloth, chairs, artificial lighting – are contrasted with natural domestic elements such as decorative plants and a small steam machine. The allusion to ideas such as temporality, the assimilation of almost all elements of official discourse, and the indication that something significant is happening – typical of a media event – are the force behind this project. In a scene suspended between the image of the familiar and reliable and the obscure, absurd and silent, the mood swings between one which makes history or highlights a difference – whether it is the object of a press conference or another official public event – and one which happens and grows without warning, but which even so has an undeniable influence. In any situation, and in case of doubt, the space is sealed off and is expectantly waiting for something important to happen.

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