Campo de acción

Luis Felipe Ortega, La Distancia Neccesaria

Mexico City, March 6 – April 4, 1997


Artist: Luis Felipe Ortega


Campo de Acción contains a purposeful rearrangement of the laws of time. The works consist of message-text planted in long lines across the walls and augmented by large painting-form arrangements of small photographs, depicting the actions of a person waiting (drinking a cup of coffee) or moving (watching traffic go by, for example). The centerpiece of the show is a TV monitor playing back a video – called Intersección – of a man walking along train tracks, waiting at a metro station, and catching a train. “The show presents various states of transition”, says Luis Felipe Ortega. “There is a sense of movement or of individual characters moving between or waiting at crossroads.” The literary quality of the installations is augmented by Ortega being also a writer. “Campo de Acción contains two directions”, he states. “One, the objects, photographs, videos – installations contained within the space; two, questions relating to my course of action in writing and philosophy. They all point to the language of communication.”

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