De-Ja VOO-doo

José Luis Sánchez Rull


Mexico City, June 2 – July 1, 2004

Artist: José Luis Sánchez Rull

“The characters of Nutty Mads, a series of plastic dolls from the sixties, are a caricature of madness and badness”, Daniel Guzmán states. “In the exhibition de_Ja VOO-doo, José Luis Sánchez Rull reuses them in a series of paintings and sculptures as an exercise of true devotion, passion and obsession to capture an altered state of reality; the grotesque and the rare; a symptom of what seemed to be an acid journey or the early accumulation of the stress of modern life inserted into a toy. Faces twisted in an inexplicable frenzy where the black and white of the painting are sucked in by lines, points and words; accumulating everything in the holes and bends left by the figures, like patio rubbish, where you hear the sound of the chainsaw together with the faltering sound of the zombies surrounding the house on the night of the living dead, the ultimate refuge of the long-awaited normality of the world and the hope of a new invasion of aliens disguised as normal everyday people: our parents, brothers, sisters, children, friends.”

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