Derivados: Benjamin Torres

Mexico City, March 31 – April 30, 2002

 Artist: Benjamín Torres

In Derivados, Benjamín Torres uses sculpture to explore production. Most of the works are made from pure plaster. The artist added complementary satellite elements to some of the sculptures, or trimmings taken from the packaging of the forty packages of El Tigre plaster he used during the ten months of studio work. What is interesting about this series is that despite the static nature of these sculptures, Torres manages to cause a feeling of movement. He introduces time into his work in an almost scandalous way, without the need for optical illusions or other obvious methods. There is a type of didactic narrative in the use of plaster as a material for sculpture: it shows the different moments in the process of producing the work. The inclusion of other tools handmade by the artist for use in the studio, like gloves and boxes, adds to this mix of movement and time versus stasis and solidity.

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