(Des)integración Contínua

Exhibition View


Mexico City, March 4 – April 6, 1999


Curated by Luis Felipe Ortega

Artists: Minerva Cuevas, Philippe Hernandez, Richard Moszka, Armando Oliver, Xavier Rodríguez, Greg Samsa


With regard to the developments that have marked recent years in both social and individual life (technology, information, communication etc), the exhibition (Des)integración Contínua is a collective reflection on the temporary and permanent side of subjective processes, both in the field of ideas as well as in human practices. It consists of a group of visual works which aim to investigate the way in which we feel obliged to take back up, or permanently deny, our mechanisms for approaching others. The exhibition deals with the immediate, the forces which change ideas into reality, the permanence of objects and signs: where does a force come from that alters and brings down the processes that have gained stability? Which areas escape what a philosopher called “the obscenity of the present”? In linking the work processes of five artists, (Des)integración Contínua reviews the different methods of integration into a specific space, but also different concepts of the here and now.

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