Die Zeit : Uli Aigner

Berlin, November 29, 2001

 Artists: Uli Aigner, Emiko Kasahara, Marko Lehanka, H. N. Semjon 

In the first curatorial co-operation between Art&Idea and the leading German weekly Die Zeit, the newspaper publishes Christmas gift paper designed by Austrian artist Uli Aigner in its printed edition of five hundred thousand copies. In addition, Christmas wrappings of H. N. Semjon from Berlin, New York City-based Emiko Kasahara and Marko Lehanka from Frankfurt am Main can be downloaded from the newspaper’s website. In her work, Uli Aigner gives expression to her fascination for interpersonal relationships and beauty. These are also the central elements of her Christmas gift wrapping paper. “There exist innumerable describable and indescribable relationships between people”, Aigner states. “Everything that happens and where newspapers write about arises from interaction between people. I have listed many relationships and hope that the readers recognize one or more of their own relationships and that they use the Christmas paper to wrap a present for the person in question.”

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