Duration 1 Hour and 3 Minutes – Location 17.3 Miles

Solange Fabião

Mexico City, November 7 – December 18, 2002 

Artist: Solange Fabião

 For the video installation Duration: 1 Hour and 3 Minutes – Location: 17.3 Miles Fabião documents 17.3 miles of Broadway filmed from the vantage of a taxi passenger starting at 228th Street (the border of Manhattan and the Bronx) and ending near Wall Street. New York City’s famed Broadway has historical significance as Manhattan’s first major thoroughfare and to this day the only one to diagonally cross all of Manhattan. Encompassing many neighborhoods and economic conditions Duration: 1 Hour and 3 Minutes – Location: 17.3 Miles threads a non-linear narrative of multiple stories that are a compression of thousands of moments. Alluding to time lapsing and the essence of randomness the double-sided object/video sculpture creates a dual viewpoint that allows the audience the option to view the video from opposing points. An environment is created enveloping the gallery’s confines where the distance, the relationship of the viewer to the sculpture constantly incites the investigation of its ‘objectness’ in place and time.

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