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Mexico City, October 16 – November 13, 1997


Artists: Leanne Beopple, Fabián Cereijido, Peter Goodman, María Groisman, Martín Groisman, Sigrid Hackenberg, Mark Harris, Hiro-Key, Beom Kim, Eva Mantell, Núria Olivé-Bellés, Owen & Steve, Lucas Reiner, Catherine Saxida, Anita Sieff, Michael Smith, Roxy Walsh.

The video exhibition Duremos / Let’sLast, curated by Fabián Cereijido, includes diverse video work from fourteen artists. Cereijido chose the films on their ability to permeate the specific time of video with poetry and diversity of interpersonal dialogue. All the videos, including Cereijido’s own ironic video 50 Centímetros, make use of the time element to go beyond any superficial logic of identity. Like a family painting hanging comfortably on the wall, these videos show an intimacy with everyday life and reflect a profound awareness of cultural diversity. “It is nice to meet with trained people prepared to deal with time, which had virtually been exiled from art vocabulary since its last appearance as the evil path taken by the heroic white baron in implementing his metaphysical reduction and directed the tyranny of the neutral”, Cereijido says about the exhibition.

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