El llanto del cíclope

Mexico City, April 24 – May 20, 2003

 Artist: Mariano Villalobos

 The Mayan concept of Nothing symbolizes a container, a uterus which is to be used for the mystery of creation, the origin of man and his relationship to the cosmos.

The Mayan Nothing contains a vacuum, formed from life’s most important things.

Nothing is a house: a potent symbol which frames the universe. The first thing drawn by a child, or almost the first, is a house. The child is expressing an innate understanding of its human condition.

The house is man’s own symbol. It is the basic symbol which expresses a man’s very being, he is inherently an inhabitant.

In contrast, there is a social divide which separates many inhabitants from their dwelling place, the homeless, inhabitants who have nothing to inhabit. The homeless are on the very edge of humanity.

The outside world is a mirror reflecting the known and unknown parts of what I carry inside.



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