El sueño de la Campamocha


Javier Hinojosa-Esqueleto-Skeleton 


Mexico City, October 6 – 28, 2004

Artists: Anibal Catalán, Verónica Gerber, Arturo Hernández, Javier Hinojosa, Luis Carlos Hurtado, Gabriela Rodríguez Rivera

The exhibition El Sueño de la Campamocha features works by Glmutante. A mutation is an announcement of a new function not yet suspected, an unfinished configuration, a change in progress. To mutate is to know, to develop, to expand, to discover new territories, to go on a journey, totally lacking in logic and feelings. Mutation is blind. It moves forward and learns en route by touching and feeling the way. Glmutante is not a collective of artists, or a group. It is in fact an alliance between individuals of various occupations and interests with similar ideas and objectives, and is made up of artists, designers, gallery owners and people who have yet to invent or define their professional roles. It has grown out of the need to put into practice the ideas and proposals of each of its members, which are constantly changing.


Verónica Gerber


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