Foro Evidencias subinformáticas

Mexico City, June 9, 17 and 24, 1998

 Symposium moderated by Jonathan Hernández, Francisco Reyes Palma, Guillermo Santamarina

Panelists: Eduardo Abaroa, Francis Alÿs, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Thomas Glassford, José Miguel González Casanova, Verena Grimm, Silvia Gruner, Diego Gutiérrez, Gabriel Kuri, Yoshua Okon, Edgar Orlaineta Zuñiga, Rubén Ortiz Torres, Pedro Reyes, Melanie Smith, Laureana Toledo


Contemporary artistic disciplines have been developing for several years in a process of non-definition and dissolution. We could ask whether the way in which contemporary art becomes known and sees itself today is different, or whether any type of continuity in practices and objectives can be established. Foro Evidencias Subinformáticas, a series of round table discussions, aims to be a brief forum for discursive contributions, in which invited members of the public, some of the most active artists, critics and curators in the diverse field which is sometimes known as conceptual art, post-conceptual art or even Mexican alternative art participate. The forum aims to promote a clarifying dialogue and reflection for small artistic communities, or at least a series of agreeable conversations. Avoiding using any label, the conference deals with a specific time period, during which a variety of artistic currents arose that made their joint stylistic characterization difficult, but that were united by circumstantial, regional or social elements in Mexico.

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