La Fraternidad Universal

La Fraternidad Universal, curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas at Art&Idea, Mexico City, 2003

Curated by Abraham Cruzvillegas

Artists: Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Andrea Aragón, Balam Bartolomé, Alejandra Carrillo Soubic, Anibal Catalán, José Luis Cortés, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Humberto Duque, Ulises Figueroa, Sara Gómez, Amanda Gutiérrez, Ricardo Harispuru, Mónica Herrera, Javier Hinojosa, Luis Carlos Hurtado, Armin Keller, Sonia Lartigue, Paulina Lasa, Christian Maciá, Christian Manzutto, Mónica Martínez, Alfredo Mendoza, Jimena Mendoza, Quique Muñóz, Ignacio Perales, Douglas Rada, Adriana Riquer, Gabriela Rodríguez Rivera, Analía Solomonoff

La Fraternidad Universal para la Promoción y Defensa de M. Bondarchuk is an intelligent and lively project that demonstrates the importance of experimentation, both from the perspective of creation to that of promotion and even public acceptance. Initiated by Abraham Cruzvillegas, the Fraternidad is a pretext by which a highly diverse group of visual artists, writers, musicians, film makers, graphic designers as well as members from the business community, most of them still in their twenties, was invited to come together to share everyday leisure experiences which can vary from the normal to the exceptional: watching television, having picnics and establishing anonymous relationships with a New York neighbor called Bondarchuk.


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