Línea sutil: Javier Velasco

Javier Velasco – TALLA M


New York, October 26 – November 25, 2006

Línea Sutil is a site-specific installation from multi-disciplinary artist Javier Velasco. The title of the exhibition, which literally translates into ‘subtle line’, contains a double meaning that refers to the geographical border between the United States and Mexico, as well as the long queue one must wait on to enter San Diego from Tijuana. Velasco creates his own subtle line in this exhibition with an installation of glass that resembles barbed wire fencing. The shadows cast on the gallery walls reference the ominous presence and effects of the strict US border patrol between the neighboring countries. In addition, the artist’s acclaimed photographs and multi-media sculptures are on display. VIH / HIV, a crown made of glass thorns, alludes to the moral issues that debilitated the initial research and testing for the sexually transmitted disease. Velasco’s photographs of humans pierced by glass tears are a powerful portrayal of human emotion.

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