MACO: Mexico Arte Contemporáneo 2006

Mexico City, April 27 – 30, 2006

Artists: Máximo González, Javier Hinojosa, Paulina Lasa, Diego Teo, Benjamín Torres

For Mexico City’s art fair, MACO 06, Art&Idea brings together works from five Mexico City-based artists. This includes a special project by Benjamín Torres, Contenido Neto (Net Content), a comment on the market and mass production of consumer goods, in this case depicted by the use of fairs in the art market as a system that works in similar ways to other markets, as well as sculpture as an exchangeable consumer product. The exhibition consists of a series of shelves displaying over two thousand plaster sculptures cast using the easily recognizable containers of everyday products, such as Yakult drinks. The commercial aspect lies in giving collectors, or art consumers, the possibility of purchasing individual sculptures, whole shelves, or even the entire collection. During MACO, Art&Idea also presents three parallel projects in gallery spaces throughout Mexico City. The first, Derivados by Benjamín Torres, explores the depiction of time in sculpture. The second, Monster’s Ink by Paulina Lasa, is a collection of various types of images obtained from failed digital processes. And finally, Diego Teo launches Espacio. This last exhibition looks at space through a series of conceptual or diagrammatic remakes of other artists’ work.


Benjamín Torres – Contenido Neto


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