Mexico for Two: Rudi Molacek and Maria Serebriakova

Mexico City, February 24 – March 25, 2000

 Artists: Rudi Molacek and Maria Serebriakova

 The exhibition Mexico for Two by Rudi Molacek and Maria Serebriakova gives an overview of the impressions the artists collected during a trip through Mexico. They made a sort of diary of their travel, of the people they met and places they visited. Molacek and Serebriakova also interviewed Mexican artists and invited them to participate in order to achieve a cross-cultural dialogue. They worked in various media like video, photography and painting. Being different artistic personalities, the results show different points of view. Combining them brings very interesting juxtapositions. Preceding the opening of Mexico for Two, Molacek and Serebriakova invited ten artists to occupy room 1005 of the Mexico City-based Hotel San Francisco. This exhibition featured works by Carlos Arias, Mónica Castillo, Alonso Gil, Thomas Glassford, Terence Gower, Iolaso@contanimacion, Yoshua Okon, Luis Felipe Ortega, Ángel Ricardo Ricardo Ríos and Pablo Vargas Lugo.


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