Monster’s Ink: Paulina Lasa

Paulina Lasa – Constant Frames



Mexico City, April 6 – 27, 2005

For her first individual exhibition with the title Monster’s Ink, Paulina Lasa presents a collection of images from digital files, faxes and old computers, obtained from failed digital processes. Where we see “errors”, Lasa flirts with the idea that we are seeing the visual representation of an error, or even the intention of an error. Despite being no more than luck, errors show color and composition and invite you to rethink whether the error is an error or not, maybe it just seems that way. The project confronts the idea of perfection as an ideal, as the imperfect technological processes which led to these artworks are lucky, and have become new, almost decorative images. At the same time they contradict technology as a precision tool. Metaphors arise from this exhibition relating to technology, geometry and beauty, and also decadence, though not in excess, more through subtle irony – almost imperceptible and so less acute and perturbing. The title of the exhibition also reminds us of Goya’s ideas: the dream of reason produces monsters. And although these can be “harmonious” in chromatic, decorative and even candid terms, they continue to pass sentence on their origin: the naïve obsession of man with controlling chaos.

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