O.D (Objects of Desire)

Mercedes Gertz and Elizabeth Beristain – Introduce in 1965


Mexico City, April 1 – 29, 2004

Artist: Mercedes Gertz

Mercedes Gertz believes easel painting is a form of art that has become an ordinary commodity object, one of many objects that people accumulate to satisfy their desires. This is the central theme of her solo exhibition O.D. (Objects of Desire). “It seems there is never enough”, Gertz states. “But the question must be “Why accumulate so much?”. Is there a passion for the object, or is this object guaranteed to buy me a ticket to a higher status? Or, will I become more desirable because of owning these objects which, I realize, transform me into a commodity as well? There is a never-ending quest to become desirable through “stuff ” – things that promise to make us sexy, intelligent, elegant and young. This project is not in favor or against this concept. It is, for me, an indulgent opportunity to have one’s cake and eat it – without gaining weight; claiming my right to paint in a conceptual way.”

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