Oshonada: Adriana Riquer

Adriana Riquer – Plantas © Verónica Gerber


Mexico City, April 28 – May 19, 2005


“OSHONADA, the balance of a split word.

Oshonada is the minimum structure, the perfect conception, the magnificent unit.

Oshonada is sand on the beach under your hands.

Oshonada is the marble, the song, the world, the sun, the soap pump.

Oshonada is the distance between two points.

Oshonada is those little stones in your shoe.

Oshonada is a ball that bounces until it gets lost in the night.

Oshonada is the womb of a pregnant woman.

Oshonada is the melancholic sound of a piano.

Oshonada is a coincidence.

Oshonada is a knot in the throat.

Oshonada is. At the beginning and at the end.


Oshonada, an individual exhibition by Adriana Riquer, consists of eleven pieces of art, carried out using very varied techniques ranging from installation to video, construction, drawing and site-specific intervention.

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