Overqualified Full Rotation and Wood


Uli Aigner – Wood

Mexico City, June 19 – July 18, 1997


Artists: Uli Aigner and Linda Herritt

 Despite their differences as artists, Uli Aigner and Linda Herritt found the common ground to create a show together, motivated by an article of clothing and the strategic manipulations which enable an artwork, an artist, a viewer to be felt. In the photograph Overqualified, Aigner presents the body as a faceless object, bringing to mind an old question: is it possible to represent the body without displaying it as an (anti-)aesthetic parameter or a privileged receptacle for personal fantasies and all types of sexual, psychological or social abuses? In Wood, she lets the viewers peek under her shirt, inviting them to bend their heads in an attempt to discern what the photograph is incapable of showing. And with Full Rotation, Linda Herritt presents an installation out of clothing, curtains, drapes and bed sheets. The reddish glow filling the space, the vaporous flow of the fabric, and the fractalesque shadow patterns projected onto the floor and walls imbue the gallery with a dizzying atmosphere, both festive and perverse. The unavoidable physical interaction that the installation demands contrasts powerfully with the starkness of the photographs, inquiring into their sculptural potential.


Linda Herritt – Full Rotation © Linda Herritt


Linda Herritt – Full Rotation © Linda Herritt

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