Point of View: Between Two Cities


New York, November 13, 1999 – January 8, 2000

 Artists: Artemio, Jen Budney, Mary Ellen Carroll, Minerva Cuevas, Jeannine Diego, Cheryl Kaplan, Sandra Korsak, Alex Ku, Taniel Morales, Mark Philips, Franklin Sirmans, Héctor Velásquez

Point of View: Between Two Cities is an exchange between five artists from New York and five from Mexico City who were called upon to provide evidence of the existence of an imagined identity. This initial task set into motion the mechanism by which identity ownership would ultimately be exposed as the fundamental proposition of the project. The texts, videos, audiotapes, photographs, objects etc., resulting from this first assignment, were handed over by participants to one messenger in each city, to be inventoried and distributed among all participants. The impossibility of exact duplication of the material, for reasons of effective and uniform distribution, necessarily involved an alteration of the evidences, and hence reinterpretation. This was the first in a series of exchanges which would deprive the participants of influence in terms of how their work was to be perceived, contesting the idea of the creator as absolute. The project was presented in public spaces in Mexico City and at Art in General in New York.




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