Since its inception in 1993, Art & Idea has been the focus of numerous articles in magazines and newspapers worldwide. In Mexico, from the main newspapers such as El Universal or Reforma, to Curare, with articles written by leading critics such as Cuauhtémoc Medina or Carlos Aranda, e.g. on some of the first solo exhibitions by Santiago Sierra and Damián Ortega. Mur Island by Acconci Studio received acclaimed words from international architecture as well as art magazines like Wallpaper, Metropolis or Abitare. Art & Idea’s projects have also appeared in international press like Frieze Magazine, Art Review, Art in America, Art News, Springerin, Flash Art, newspapers such as The New York Times (USA), El País (Spain), Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) and Der Standard (Austria), as well as television segments on ABC News, Arte, Canal 22, Canal 11, TV Azteca, 3SAT, Austrian Public TV and Radio as well as all major TV networks in Japan.

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Download Robert Punkenhofer’s portrait. © Wolfgang Thaler.

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Selection of press clippings:

El mundo en venta, La Vanguardia (Spain), 17th May, 2013.Download

Barcelona ¿Ni arte ni parte?, La Vanguardia (Spain), 27th April, 2013. Download

“Robert Punkenhofer: Unterwegs für die Kunst”, Kleine Zeitung (Austria), 24th November, 2012. Download

“Robert Punkenhofer, Vienna-Art-Week-Chef”, Jutta Kroisleitner, Der Standard Online (Austria), November 22nd 2012. Download

“Wien als ‘Internationale Kunstmetropole'”, Marcello Farabegoli, Wiener Zeitung Online (Austria), November 19th 2012. Download

“Ein Zeichen für die Stärke der Kreativen”, Sophie Degenfeld, Horizont Online (Austria), November 15th, 2012. Download

“Gruppenausstellung: Herausgeputzt für Barcelona”, Daniel Kalt, Die Presse Online (Austria), April 2nd, 2011. Download

“What makes Vienna Art Week unique?”, Martin Bailey, The Art (UK), December 1st, 2010. Download

“Design im Ausland – Zielgruppe: Die Welt”, Ulrike Weiser and Marlene Mayer, Die Presse Online (Austria), July 3rd 2010. Download

“Kollektiv” Design/Techzone/Musik, Der Standard Rondo (Austria), April 30th, 2010.  Download

“Gestern ist heute, morgen ist gestern”, Der Standard Online (Austria), November 10th, 2009. Download

“A Way Beyond Fashion – Apex Art”, Art Hag (USA), October 23rd, 2009. Download

“The past is a foreign country”, Harry Eyres, Financial Times (UK), February 7th, 2009. Download

“Between yak and yeti”, Harry Eyres, Financial (USA), December 6th, 2008. Download

“Expo 2008 – Länderballett im dünnen Nervenkleid”, Der Standard Online (Austria), June 27th, 2008. Download

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“Art & Idea opens in New York”, W. Robinson, Artnet (USA), July 13, 2006. Download

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“Ein rastloser Grenzgänger”, Matthias Raflt, Die Presse (Austria), February 25, 2006. Download

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“Punch the Artist if you find the Explanation Pretentious”, Georgina Adam, Art Basel Miami Beach Daily Newspaper (USA), December 2, 2004. Download

“Efecto Invernadero: Humor y restitución”, Jose Luís Barrios, Curare (Mexico), January / July 2004. Download

“Escuela de convivencia”, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Reforma (México) January 21, 2004. Download

“The Island in the Mur”, Space (South Corea) October 2003. Download

“Radical Interventions”, Aric Chen, Metropolis (USA), July 2003. Download

“Vito Acconci a Graz – Isola sul Mur”, Maria Giulia Zunino, Abitare (Italy), June 2003. Download

“River Island”, Alex Bagner, Wallpaper (USA), April 2003. Download

“Acconci in the Mur” David Ebony, Art in America, (USA), February 2003. Download

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“Santiago Sierra”, Tomás Ruiz-Rivas, Curare (Mexico) April 1997. Download

“Reglas e instintos”, Francisco Reyes Palma, Curare (Mexico), May 1997. Download

“Gallery promotes international dialogue”, Sarah E. Teitler, The News (UK), November 22, 1996. Download

“Art & Idea, nueva galería en el centro histórico”, Jorge Luis Berdeja, El Universal (Mexico) July 1995. Download