Punto ciego

Stefan Brüggemann – Looks Conceptual


Mexico City, May 13 – June 18, 1999


Artists: Iñaki Bonillas, Stefan Brüggemann, Alejandro Carrasco, Amy Eshoo, Jonathan Hernández, Miguel Mendoza, Fernando Ortega, Erwin Redl, Pedro Reyes, D.J. Sondera, Laureana Toledo.

In contemporary art exhibitions, the use of light is often an accessory which allows works of art to be seen, but there has never been coherent research into the possibilities of light in the internal construction of narratives that constitute the presentation of a work of art. Punto Ciego is an exhibition of contemporary art by nine emerging artists, who use light as the subject for their material. In some cases, light is explored as having particular social relevance. Others look at the resource as part of an allegory or discourse, while others focus more on phenomenological experiments. Although the interest in working with light as a principal factor in art is not new – investigations into this phenomenon were essential to many artists during the sixties – it could prove fruitful to discuss the problem once more, and see the ideas that the younger generations have in that regard.

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