Reflex – Reflejo

Miguel Monroy – Agujero Extendido – Table with Hole


Mexico City, February 21 – March 30, 2002


Artists: Arturo Hernández, Heidrun Holzfeind, Emiko Kasahara, Susan Leopold, Miguel Monroy, Laureana Toledo


To celebrate the opening of the new and expanded gallery space designed by Enrique Norten, Art&Idea invited six artists to investigate and test the physical and conceptual limits of the space. The intentionally very open-ended curatorial approach of Reflex / Reflejo resulted in a laboratory of ideas where new concepts of art, society, politics and individual behavior, feelings and actions are activated. The piece On the 3rd of January 2002 I Entered a Rented Room… Leaving it on January 30th (or not) by Arturo Hernández transforms the self-contained micro-cosmos he created during several weeks of seclusion with the help of some essential ingredients such as books, music and cigarettes into the setting of Art&Idea’s white cube. Laureana Toledo presents a collaborative project with Enrique Rangel, base player at Café Tacuba, entitled Mexicali Boogie Woogie. This work investigates the notion of a self-guided, automated creation of art by combining a system of sound, color and light within a strictly defined video installation. Also on view are works by Heidrun Holzfeind, Emiko Kasahara, Susan Leopold and Miguel Monroy.

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