Reglas e instintos

Damián Ortega – Reglas e instintos


Mexico City, May 15 – June 6, 1997


Artist: Damián Ortega


With Reglas e Instintos, Damián Ortega expands and reviews the traditional definition of sculpture. The first room of the gallery contains piles of furniture that define the space and make the visitor follow a specific and artificial route. The second room contains different tools that are either animated or refer directly to the work of American artist Richard Serra. In the last room there is an architectural model of the Art&Idea gallery. The walls of the model are feeding dishes for twenty white rabbits found in the white cube of the gallery. With his installations and works of art, Ortega sets out to re-evaluate the idea of transforming the look of a space in order to alter it and change its context. It is not just the transformation of the space, but in this case he also gives contradictory meanings to specific objects and animals. This inspires an organic and natural relationship between creation and destruction, life and death, nature and the artificial, a relationship of mutual affinities and aggressions.

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