Restos de Ámsterdam 130 en Parque España

Javier Pérez Aranda


Mexico City, October 7 – 31, 1999

The exhibition Restos de Ámsterdam 130 en Parque España 47 by the Spanish artist Javier Pérez Aranda presents a process work using the remains from the demolition of a typical building of the gallery district. The remains of Ámsterdam 130 were transported to the gallery space, Parque España 47, where the artist lived and worked for one month, in order to produce a series of installations which the visitor sees as one unit through an unusual journey through the gallery. The diverse demolished material includes iron rods, arched doorways, some furniture, piping and unrecognizable fragments. They are arranged in groups forming multiple connections between the demolition process, the existing building, the exhibition space in the gallery and the life experience of the artist during his month’s residence in the house.

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