Shadows: Fariba Hajamadi

Fariba Hajamadi – Shadows

New York, October 5 – November 10, 2000

Artist: Fariba Hajamadi

For the video Shadows, Fariba Hajamadi uses a series of still photographs of the period costumes vitrines at the Historisches Museum in Hannover. Hajamadi produced the photographic images as a source to construct a panoramic collage/maquette through digital manipulation. This collage/maquette serves as a base for the final image from which the video Shadows was created as a fake moving image. The endless camera movement panning across the vitrine is created with the aid of a digital application. The shadows of the viewers were staged and superimposed digitally on the vitrines. Once this video is projected to almost life size dimensions, the viewers present in the room sometimes have the impression of being responsible for the creation of the shadows by having accidentally crossed the path of the light emitted by the projector, thus becoming involved and manipulated in the staged aspect of this work. By transforming the objective photographs into a subjective digital video Hajamadi redefines the official history represented in the showcases and turns it into private memory.

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