Laurent P. Berger – One More Time


New York, June 7 – August 1, 2001

 Curated by Cheryl Kaplan

Artists: Laurent P. Berger, Cheryl Kaplan, Emiko Kasahara, >>MTRX-E

 Truancy is dedicated to the act or condition of being absent without permission. While truancy is generally punishable, traditionally in reference to education, in this exhibition it is used as the lens through which physical and psychological obligations are requested and ignored in everyday life. The presented work ranges from painting and video to drawing, sculpture and architectonic intervention. In a wonderful reversal, poet and artist Henri Michaux once wrote: “This truancy that so closely resembles the pattern of my life, this instantaneous treachery, this letting go that becomes ever more pronounced and leaves me feeling ever more helpless, here on the contrary fascinates me and restores me to myself, through the success of this instantaneous and gradual quid pro quo, making an absurd muddle of my lines that were clearly marked out to begin with, that swim away on all sides, carrying off my subject towards a blur that unceasingly dilates, or changes track, surface or dissolution, divergence and distortion, journeying towards a re-absurdity that leaves me gaping on the shore.”

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