Urban Exchange Program

Mexico City, July 1 – 30, 1999


Artist: Gerald Straub

The project Urban Exchange Program explores the potential of shifting locations and spaces, dealing with the notion of re-enactment, authenticity and locality. Gerald Straub uses a variety of media including live television transmission, installation and performance to challenge received notions about the uses, meanings and experiences of a gallery space. The project is divided into three parts. The first part consists of a live video transmission, projecting four main camera perspectives, which are set up in a nearby bar, live onto the gallery walls, examining people’s attitudes towards surveillance and the active and passive role of the spectator. Throughout the transmission, a small piece of artwork is hidden in the bar. The second part consists of a re-enactment of a nearby cantina bar, replacing parts of the original furniture, inviting a bar employee to work in the gallery and decorating it with the original colors of the bar. Throughout the re-enactment, a small piece of artwork is hidden in the original location. The third part consists of a shuttle bus, traveling at ten minute intervals between the gallery space and a bar. Throughout the journey, there is a sound piece installed inside the shuttle bus.

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