Video Night – LOOP Festival Barcelona

As part of the exhibition Dialog 2: Status Altered the Goethe-Institut presents Video Night, included in LOOP FESTIVAL a program of works that explores the vulnerabilities and crises that occur in certain contexts and evidences the changes in representation and the relationship with the socio-political environment produced, mostly, by the technological revolution and the new global logic.

The intervention Simulacro Tropical and other works as Life of our Progressive Thinkers of Momu & No Es reflect on artificial reality. In contemporary society, it appears that representations have become more real than reality. As Baudrillard announced reality has been replaced by a hyperreality and has created a culture of simulacrum. Simulacro Tropical departs from photographs taken in different places. The sound narration that accompanies them recreates diverse realities and immerses us in the simulation of the globalised territory. The media and technology, particularly the Internet, have contributed to this new hyperreality, Life of our Progressive Thinkers pose a future time where new technologies affected humanity as we know it today.

Other works like Los Encargados by Jorge Galindo and Santiago Sierra and A Study on Social Poetics by Lucia Hinojosa reflects a more direct impact on the socio-political problems. In Los Encargados a simple gesture discredits all the presidents who have been in the Spanish State from the transition to the present and the experimental documentary A Study on Social Poetics, explores the stories of three Mexican women, showing the transformation of values ​​that rural areas have also experienced.

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