Vienna Art Week 2005


Vienna, April 19 – 24, 2005


I am very happy that the various initiatives and activities of the Federal Government, the City of Vienna and numerous art and cultural institutions stand together at the center of public attention. This is a very vital message from the Austrian art scene.

Michael Häupl, Mayor and Governor of Vienna.


Artistic Director: Robert Punkenhofer

Artists: De Vibroluxe, Richard Hoeck, Leopold Kessler, Zenita Komad, John Miller, Flora Neuwirth

 In April 2005, the Vienna Art Week takes place for the very first time. With program offerings such as Big Time, including festive social events such as the opening gala, Director’s Cut with exclusive museum tours guided by the directors of the institutions, and Ahead of Time, a series of city walks focusing on architecture and urban life in Vienna off the beaten track, the Vienna Art Week offers its participants an exceptional opportunity to explore the latest developments and trends in the Viennese and Central European art scene, while at the same time enjoying the unique and relaxed atmosphere of Vienna.

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