Viernes 13

Dr. Lakra


Mexico City, August 19 – September 9, 1999


Curated by Daniel Guzmán

Artists: Dr. Lakra and Mariano Villalobos

In which sick mind do you bring together these monstrous sensual works? The Garden of Eden has changed characters: the Great Omi and the wolf children can be found on a neutral playing field. It’s another story, one with strange rules, where Gordolfo Gelatino lives in an opium den in the center of a labyrinthine city, besieged by impregnable towers of family members, each identical to the next. Millions of siliconized and sodomized vedettes order a beer while reading Memín and watching a documentary on the television about initiation rituals on the Pacific islands: teenagers with tattooed faces and erections consider how the girls allow themselves to be scarred in exquisite ways: Keiko, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, eight balls and thousands of coiled dragons in skulls wearing a crown. While the images form, undecipherable music confuses the viewer. It could be Javier Bátiz, or it could be Marinda Nandayapa. In fact it is El Sirenito. A man changes his face until he becomes graffiti. Who can we ask to tell the story of these humorous images? Dr. Lakra and Mariano Villalobos shrug their shoulders and get back to drawing.


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