Wisdom of Nature

Doris Krüger – Adaptive Succession


Nagoya, May 27 – July 17, 2005


Curated by Gabriele Mackert

Artists: Regula Dettwiler, Doris Krüger, Alois Mosbacher, Klaus Mosettig, Martin Osterider, Paul Petritsch, Florian Pumhösl, Nicole Six, Franziska Weinberger, Lois Weinberger


Within the framework of the 2005 World Fair in Aichi, Japan, the exhibition Wisdom of Nature at the Nagoya City Art Museum showcases the work of ten international contemporary artists based in Austria, in which they explore the boundaries between the natural and the artificial. “This exposition raises important questions about the notion of nature in the age of cloning, artificial intelligence and robots, whose presence is so strong at the 2005 World Exposition”, explains Robert Punkenhofer, who lead the Austrian World Fair Project in Japan. “Wisdom of Nature provides us with a framework to experience, understand and juxtapose familiar and unknown concepts of art and nature in Japan and Europe”, adds Gabriele Mackert, guest curator of the exhibition.

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