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Promising Paradise: Vienna Art Week 2018



Various locations, 19th to 25th November 2018.
Existing beyond our perceptions of time and space, paradise can never be found in the contemporary. It can only be elucidated through contemporary means.
Stella Rollig, CEO Belvedere
The Vienna Art Week 2018, under the motto „Promising Paradise“, embarks on a quest for the meaning of paradise in contemporary art and society. It is about the utopian potential of paradise as well as the alluring promise of paradise as a rhetorical device of political instrumentalization. The ambiguous programmatic title raises the question: is it about a paradise found or about a paradise lost?
The program of the fourteenth edition of the Vienna Art Week includes several panel discussions, exhibitions, guided tours, performances and alternative spaces projects. The seven day marathon of more than 210 art-related events is organized by the member institutions of the Art Cluster Vienna, including museums, art galleries, universities and artist-run spaces.

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