Mónica Herrera – D.F


Madrid, February 10 – 14, 2005


Artists: Andrea Aragón, Máximo González, Mónica Herrera, Javier Hinojosa, Gabriela Rodríguez Rivera, Diego Teo

At ARCO’05, Art&Idea presents works by six emerging Mexican artists. These include objects with a strong critical load created by Máximo González using everyday materials, ranging from a plastic saltcellar to handcrafted works made with perforated paper. Built from an arrangement of modules, components or blocks, the objects created by Diego Teo are an accumulation, endowing everyday life with new meanings. He searches in mundane materials for qualities that help us to see more, extrapolating a possible visual-formal-conceptual solution from an everyday object. In the same line, architect, painter, sculptor and engraver Javier Hinojosa engages in an appropriation of elements and situations taking place everyday in our cities, and turns them into art objects. Also on view are works by Gabriela Rodríguez Rivera, Andrea Aragón and Mónica Herrera.


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