Art & Idea presents…

Adriana Riquer – Cuaderno Rojo, Cuaderno Azul

Los Angeles, July 10 – August 10, 2004

Artists: Andrea Aragón, Balam Bartolomé, Mercedes Gertz, Sara Gómez, Javier Hinojosa, Douglas Rada, Adriana Riquer

The exhibition Art&Idea Presents…, taking place in the gallery space of Raid Projects in Los Angeles, brings together the work of seven artists, to demonstrate the compatibility and inclusiveness of the various languages of contemporary art. Painting, drawing, video, installations and sculpture cohabit the space in a natural and congruent way, and their themes aren’t arbitrary, nor their arguments predictable. On one wall hangs a text which can not only be decoded by being read, but also by removing material instead of adding it to the media; a silent dialogue with a large canvas which states in its blindness an optimistic tautology. On another wall, a quick drawing is almost a description of itself. Two video monitors project mutual self-appraisal in which an identity is multiplied into two versions which contradict each other in the context of time. The time accumulated in the silent energy of another work, which breaks the western idea of efficiency, is summarized in a collection of notebooks, not containing drawings, but randomly set lines.

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