Dialog 2: Status Alterado

Art&Idea is pleased to announce the opening of Dialog 2: Status Alterado at the Goethe Institute Barcelona on March 12th in Carrer de Flor 224 at 7pm. The group exhibition presents works by Estel Boada (ESP), Daniel Gustav Cramer (DE), David Crespo (ESP), Teresa Estapé (ESP), Sabine Finkenauer (DE), Andrés Galeano (ESP), Tamara Grcic (DE), Martha Rosler (US) and Wilfredo Prieto (CU).

Curated by Robert Punkenhofer in collaboration with Zaida Trallero this new exhibition is the second part of a Dialogue Series that has started last October 2014 on the occasion of the reopening of the new headquarters of the Goethe Institute in Barcelona. An on-going programme of exhibitions, video screenings and panel discussions has been developed with the clear vision to foster the artistic exchange between Germany and Spain within an international context.

Dialog 2: Status Alterado presents works in different media that reflect on the dynamics of unexpected change affecting different social, political and economic spheres. The beginning of the 21st century seems to consolidate itself as one of humanity’s historical periods in which some of the biggest social transformations are taking place, mainly as a result of technological developments as well as geopolitical trends on a global stage.

If these changes could be perceived as being positive at first, the acceleration of events might cause, as Slavoj Žižek points out, a traumatic result. Within a few years, we have witnessed how basic assumptions, rules and morals on which Western societies are built upon have been questioned and altered. Our frames of reference, inherited from an industrial society, have been dismantled, provoking multiple complexities and uncertainties in most sectors of society – from public institutions to private enterprise and the role of the individual.

The works prepared for Dialog 2: Status Alterado by a cross-generational group of artists explore by means of site specific installations, video and photography various situations of vulnerability, crisis and also humour that confront the dynamics of change and it´s representation and impact within our socio-political environment.

The exhibition runs from March 13th through June 6th 2015.

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