From HardWare to SoftForm

Mexico City, August 19 – September 15, 2004

 Artist: Winka Dubbeldam

 The exhibition From HardWare to SoftForm – a co-operation between Art&Idea, Noiselab and Espacio Tres – features a three-dimensional digital interactive installation of the Armature, which investigates the transformation of the virtual object into an environment of light, speed, and sound. Sensors activate the projected construct as a dissection of an organic unit that expands and contracts. An ambiguous environment is produced, enveloping the gallery’s confines. The distance and relationship of the viewer to the object constantly re-investigates its “objectness”. Detlef Mertins writes in Lyrical Architectonics: “Rendering its volume in slices interlaced with plumbing suggests the structural ribs of a battleship or a starship. At once anachronistic and futuristic, it evokes both the mechanical past and the neurological future of an infrastructural conception of architecture. Plastic and interactive, responsive and synergistic, this architecture will not only serve us but also dance with us and envelop us.



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