Anette Kuhn – Jardines


Mexico City, March 6 – April 3, 1998


Artist: Anette Kuhn

A circle describes nothing but itself. To draw circles around circles is a changeable and dull activity – it makes one think of everything and nothing. Every circle is an entity in itself; it does not dissolve within the conglomerate and combination of many circles, but instead it adds up endlessly to the other circles. This is how the infinite originates in the individual. During the act of drawing, the form and flow of lines in a non-hierarchical coexistence develop exuberantly and grow towards something. The work as a whole is a continuation of the process of forming circles, consciously evading a final form. Exhibiting the work is not intended therefore as an end in itself, but instead it experiences changes, transformations, complements, stagnation, and expansions. Drawing is the imitation of the world in a model; an imaginary journey between the utmost closeness and distance, between the microcosms and macrocosms which, by dissolving the distance, collapses on the plane. As the structure is shaped circle by circle, the zone is composed of segment after segment on which imaginary traveling occurs: each circle is a position, a “you are here” on the plane. Placed on the floor, the drawings are seen as a spatial unit, as a zone through which the spectator moves.

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