Gabriela Rodríguez – Mi casa es tu casa


Mexico City, February 17 – March 17, 2005


Artists: Luis Carlos Hurtado and Gabriela Rodríguez Rivera

MoNDAo is a society based on conspiracy. There, the label “art” seems no longer to be attached to anything; it seems to float, swinging smoothly and freely. Just as a feather stays in the air because of opposing forces, its members reach a consensus in their work. MoNDAo didn’t grow out of a presumptuous declaration of principles, it is an open space. They don’t seem to be guided by a plan, nor do they have preconceived ideas. Ideas arise through working and talking. Passivity and rigidity are replaced with dialogue, diverse points of view and intimacy. There is something innocent there; something playful in the way the members shape their objects, moved by sincerity, providing the most diverse materials with the flow of their internal world. Their drawings don’t strive for perfection, but rather freedom, and in the making of their work they always leave room for chance. In this way they have created a space which is different from a hermetically sealed study. It seems more like the hallway of your home, where collaboration, which enriches all work, is possible even for just a visitor

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