Paradise Now

Achim Natzeck and Marjorie Richter – Concienciapura


Mexico City, February 27 – April 15, 2003

Artists: Achim Natzeck and Marjorie Richter

PARADISE, NOW! presents a group of artists dealing with the human concern of “locating” paradise. The project was initiated in Germany in 1999. The work ranges from painting on photographs to installations, a mix of computer-generated video and sound. The project is open ended and over time has added new works, including products and advertisements. These have taken possession of the commercial world and its publicity seems ironic. The “ready made” objects are carefully packed and are exhibited as limited edition “multiples”, duly signed by the artists. Each multiple indicates its content using words and images. The promises of sale are inflated exaggerations, which simultaneously imply a bitter reality. All the products are available in different languages, German, Spanish, English and sometimes Japanese to contribute to the “globalization” of contemporary art.


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