SCOPE Miami Beach 2005

Uli Aigner – Keimzelle des Staates (at SCOPE Miami 2005)


Miami Beach, December 1 – 4, 2005

 Artists: Uli Aigner, Alessa Esteban, Máximo González

 At SCOPE Art Fair in Miami Beach, Art&Idea presents an exhibition by Austrian artist Uli Aigner and additional works by Máximo González and Alessa Esteban. At the core of Aigner’s work – from video to installation pieces to drawings – the spectator finds the theory that personal identity cannot be detached from the socio-political environment. The constructed borders between the private and the public, the self and the masses, the personal and the political are dissolved. Borders are illusions. The human being cannot be seen in isolation but only through the lens of his or her societal context. The installation by Máximo González ironically and artfully questions – both in his concept, as well as in his work and his prices – the value of money. It consists of collages made of discontinued peso notes, such as a lacy-looking shirt. He probably offers the cheapest art in Miami: $5 for a five-peso note voided to make the word “FIVE”. Alessa Esteban presents new, intimate drawings, analyzing conflicting personal relationships and sexual identities.

Photo © Wolfgang Thaler

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