Mexico City, December 11 – 23, 1997


Artists: Eduardo Abaroa, Miguel Calderón, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Fernando García Correa, Thomas Glassford, Daniel Guzmán, Jonathan Hernández, Philippe Hernandez, Enrique Jezik, Anette Kuhn, Damián Ortega, Fernando Ortega, Luis Felipe Ortega, Ángel Ricardo Ricardo Ríos, Mauricio Rocha, Xavier Rodríguez, Santiago Sierra, Melanie Smith, Sofía Táboas, Pablo Vargas Lugo, Héctor Velásquez

Christmas becomes more scandalous each year, and almost everyone is overwhelmed by the clamor. While every shop owner insists on sticking with their feeble Christmas budget, many of us comply with one single mandate: to acquire gossip and little details for our friends and relatives. For Shopping, Art&Idea invited twenty-one artists based in Mexico City to join in the festivities and offer members of the public the possibility to become the owner of a work of art exactly to their liking without having to pay the kind of fortune that professional artists regularly feel obliged to charge for their work. Some of the profit from this art sale will ensure the continuation of a space which like Art&Idea is dedicated to holding non-profit exhibitions by young artists throughout the year. Another part of the money will go to help the artists in their quixotic fight for existence.

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