Three Suitcases – Tres maletas

Invitation Card


Mexico City, April 7 – May 7, 1999


Curated by Laurie de Chiara and Omar López-Chahoud

Artists: Jim Anderson, Adriana Arenas, Kadambari Baxi, Dexter Buell, Mary Ellen Carroll, Hilda Daniel, Wilson Díaz, Luke Dowd, Thomas Eller, Robert Fischer, Matthew Geller, Maximilian Goldfarb, Tim Hailand, Martine Kaczynski, Klaus Lutz, Robert Marshall, Reinhold Martin, Arnaldo Morales, M.River & T.Whid Art Associates (MTAA), Carol Saft, Type A.

Three Suitcases is an exhibition about relocation, movement and transitory existence. It is a multi-media exhibition that includes sculpture, drawing, painting and photography as well as a video program featuring different artists’ work. The curators have chosen to set up specific parameters for the exhibition based on airline baggage restrictions. Thus, the entire exhibition is restricted to the amount of art that fits into three suitcases. The work in Three Suitcases is all about movement and travel. Some of the work deals with physical or mechanical movement whereas other pieces are more directly about modes of transit. All the artists explore transition – some in a concrete manner, others from a more conceptual perspective. The three suitcases provide an overarching metaphor for the idea of movement and portability.

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