You & Me & Art&Idea

Karen Azoulay – Flurry


Mexico City, January 13 – February 12, 2005

 A project by Paulina Lasa

Artists: Narda Alvarado, Karen Azoulay, Antoine Catala, Kelly Coats, Cynthia Kampelmacher, Guus Kusters, Paulina Lasa, Mauricio Limón, Douglas Rada, Holly Ward


Without looking too deeply at the advantages or disadvantages offered by different means and modes of communication today, the exhibition You & Me & Art&Idea aims to define a real or virtual link connecting the exhibited artists, generating not just a dialogue, but also personal and interpersonal expression. The results are influenced by the different interpretations that each of the participating artists has of themselves and of others, as well as interpretations of other people’s interpretations. The work presented in this exhibition is an exercise in analysis and evaluation, a review of your own conscience from outside. Ten months of dialogue and exchange between the artists influenced their interpretations of themselves as well as those of other artists in the project. However, each one, even after the influence of others, made their own decision about what to exhibit, and each interprets the artistic exchange in a very personal way, like in traditional communication in any everyday encounter.

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